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Spooky Walk 2010

on October 24th, 2010 at 11:02:31 PM

Halloween season kicked off last night with a "Spooky Walk" in one local parks called Menotomy Rocks. The girls and I met Elizabeth's soccer team for a pre-walk dinner at the Coach's house and then headed into the park. Menotomy Rocks is a big dark woodsy park with a pond in the middle. It's beautiful but always a little creepy since it's mostly empty. The neighbors around the park really do it up for the Spooky Walk by lighting jack-o-lanterns all around the pond and putting on little shows along the path like the Murder Opera and a freaky doctor operating on a patient and pulling livers and pork chops out of the her insides. In between the skits were people laying dead on the path (not really) and ghostly skeletons - but even with the stuff going on, it was pitch dark in the park. The kids loved it but were a little spooked, so the night was a success. Here's a shot of Coach Gary getting in the action and a few more in this gallery. I used a phone camera in the dark so the photos aren't great.

Contratulations Howie and Ashley

on October 16th, 2010 at 9:04:56 PM

Our good friends Howie and Ashley were married today and threw a great party. The day started with Belgian waffles and then everyone gathered in a little vineyard. Instead of having everyone sitting and standing still, both the bride/groom and guests moved around during different parts of the ceremony. Elizabeth and Paige were the flower girls and this free-form style was perfect for them. The kids wore dresses with 7 layer skirts that twirled in big circles when they spun around, ate waffles drizzled with chocolate, drank lots of raspberry lemonade, and had big slices of cake - they loved it. The reception was in a big old beautiful mansion where they put on a Greek feast with delicious dishes filled with eggplant, olives, and figs.  Here are some photos.

Learning CSS

on October 4th, 2010 at 1:15:08 PM

I've always wanted to know how to write CSS code so I just signed up for an online class given by the folks at O'Reilly. These are the people who publish the Head First books, which are fantastic. I've spend a few hours on the training site and it's pretty good. Part of what you pay for is the Lab - which is an editor I can use to test out my html and css. I'm a little disappointed in the content of the class. Since it's by the Head First team, I thought it would have the same fun attitude and style. Instead it's a bit drier. But as long as I end up learning to write CSS, the content style doesn't matter.