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Gardens is in open beta!

on July 23rd, 2010 at 6:58:29 AM

This was a big week for the Gardens team. We moved from private beta into open beta which means people don't need beta codes anymore. They can click Get started on our home page and get a site right away - no waiting for a code. Yay!

The Boston Globe wrote a great article about Gardens with some fantastic quotes

The service, called Drupal Gardens, is designed to make the creation of complex websites easier than it has ever been before. And the Woburn company — which sells products and services for Drupal, a website creation software platform that is popular with developers — hopes to achieve that goal via “ridiculous simplicity,’’ according to Jeff Noyes, the head of user experience for the firm.

And includes a photo of Chris (Engineering VP), Kevin (Designer), and me. I look a little crazy :)


Come see us at DrupalCon in Copenhagen

on July 20th, 2010 at 6:22:12 AM

If you're using Drupal Gardens or thinking about using it and you're going to be at DrupalCon in Copenhagen, we'd love to meet you. Come talk to us at the Acquia table or find us talking about Gardens at these these sessions.

DrupalCon Copenhagen August 23-27 2010.jpg

Goodbye iPhone, hello DroidX

on July 17th, 2010 at 11:35:25 PM
Why? Because I wanted to be on Verizon instead of AT&T, but the more important reason was to get better integration with gmail and all the google apps (calendar, docs, talk, etc). I compared the Droid and the DroidX and I picked the X because it has a bigger screenm, better camera, vid camera, more memory, etc. It's much easier to use the screen keyboard because it has a bigger screen, has suggested ... "text_exposed");'>See Morewords, and because it has this cool vibration feature when you touch a key - I don't know why this helps but it does. The DroidX doesn't have the iphone's beautiful UI, but it's fast and practicle. And they added a bunch of features to give you a lot of smart shortcuts (eg. when I click on my husband it calls his mobile, or click on my sister and it launches the texting screen). So far, so good. I really like it.